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You've probably already heard, that is, you know for sure, that the Earth is drowning in plastic. The cosmetics industry alone produces 120 million plastic packaging a year. At this rate of production, by 2050 we are expected to have more plastic in the sea than fish.
Plastic not only pollutes the Earth but also takes thousands of years to break down. Which means that the package from the kremula we just finished will probably be around long after us. The packaging of our grandmother's clothes hanger is still there. Eww
Change is needed now, words are unnecessary.
We proudly have already started this change, reducing the use of plastic in our packaging to zero. Our batches are small, to reduce energy consumption, we don't use unnecessary fancy outer packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, and of course we have our GREEN ECO PACKAGING made from sugar cane.
Sugarcane is an absorbent material for carbon dioxide.
In simple words, to produce one kilo of eco-polyethylene (plastic from sugar cane), 3 kilos of carbon dioxide are absorbed from the atmosphere! Yuhu! Whenever the carbon footprint is not just zero, it is negative! As if that wasn't enough, the manufacture of such material requires 80% less energy, which makes the whole production greener.
When you buy Eridos products, you'll get great beauty products in a soft, easy-to-squeeze tube with an easy-to-use cap, and if you look closely, you'll even see the “I'm Green” sign on the info.
And the icing on the cake, we take the used packaging back by offering you a reward! More on this on the site.
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