Eridos cosmetics is not just a line of cosmetics, it is much more. As a business founded by a woman, we create a community that supports every woman and the female voice. We support institutions that provide all kinds of help to women. We are members and support organizations such as Alma Zois or E.M.E.I.S.

Part of our revenue always goes towards the purpose of developing this community.
  • Christodouleio

    is a public benefit, non-profit institution that takes care of little girls who for various reasons have found themselves in an unfavorable position and need us. The action and the very existence of the institution is based on the voluntary work of sensitive people and as therefore, every such person is a potential member of the foundation.

    Part of our income is collected once a year in an amount that is donated to the foundation. In the link is the page of the foundation to get to know it.

  • E.M.E.I.S - Scientific Society of Mastology–Treatment and Support

    E.M.E.I.S. is the only non-profit organization in Greece that not only provides prevention services, but mainly treats the disease and supports the treatment of breast cancer patients who belong to economically and socially vulnerable groups.

    In the context of this effort and with a deep sense responsibility, E.M.E.I.S. to date it has offered: Comprehensive diagnostic, medical, surgical, nursing and psychological support to more than 150 patients who are unable to meet the costs of treating the disease financially. More than 7,500 free preventive examinations to women from all over the country and especially in hard-to-reach places : Thrace, Eastern Macedonia, Ikaria, Fourni, Skyros, Mani, Laconia, Gastouni, Astypalaia, Konitsa etc. presenters world-renowned scientists. The granting of 27 scholarships to young scientists, doctors & nurses to attend specialized seminars.

    ERIDOS COSMETICS gives you the possibility, at the checkout of your basket, to choose an amount that you could donate to the foundation, and making a liquidation once a year, to offer the collected amount to support the institution. In the following link you can get to know the organization and learn other ways of contribution.

  • "Alma Zois'" members are women who have experienced breast cancer.

    In the spirit of awareness and information about breast cancer in Greece, the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer "Alma Zois" has been organizing since 2009 the symbolic Greece Race for the Cure ® race and walk. The Greece Race for the Cure ® is now one of the most popular breast cancer awareness races in Europe. The Greece Race for the Cure ® takes place on the last weekend of September in Athens. Women, men and children unite in the fight against breast cancer one once a year, participating in a big celebration.

    Eridos Cosmetics creates its own team for the competition, Team members get a preferential entry price and a commemorative T-shirt. Enter your email to be notified of registration and to get a discount coupon for our products!

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