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Nourishing night cream

Nourishing night cream

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Moisturizing night cream, with cardamom and red wine extract, with a matte effect.

Thanks to its innovative ingredients, this cream offers deep hydration that lasts all night, a glow on the skin and a feeling of softness on the face.

The unique Depolluphane, is an organic cardamom seed extract, and has proven* powerful effects. It soothes the skin from its exposure to atmospheric pollution during the day. And help the skin produce its own antioxidant enzymes. It contains zinc, which soothes the skin's tendency to acne.

The excellent wine extract of excellent quality, is made from grapes grown in our own vineyards and harvested by hand. The wine extract is rich in polyphenolic compounds, components which, according to various researches, exert a significant anti-inflammatory effect, contributing among other things to the protection of cells from injuries. Action very important especially during the hours we sleep, as during those hours the regeneration of the cells takes place.
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